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Text (Oyamada Tomokiyo)
This is a work in four volumes, written by Oyamada Tomokiyo (1783—1847), however, the date of composition remains unclear. It arranges various items dealing with the heavenly and earthly deities according to categories such as kami who appear in human form (arahitogami), myōjin (particularly efficacious or miraculous deities), gongen (avatars or true forms of deities), original shrine buildings, current shrine buildings, and so forth, and offers the origins of such terminology and detailed notes regarding each topic. The entire work is divided into forty-five categories, and there are a total of ninety-nine topics with detailed commentary. This work is contained in volume four and five of Shintō sōsho (Jingū Kyōin, Mizuhokai, 1896—97).
— Itō Satoshi

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