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Text (Urabe Kanekata)
This is a commentary on Nihon shoki [see Kojiki and Nihon shoki (Nihongi) ], compiled in twenty-eight volumes around the middle of the Kamakura period by Urabe Kanekata. Based on lectures his father, Kanebumi, conducted for the former Regent, Ichijō Sanetsune between the years 1274 and 1275 on the "Age of the Kami" (jindai ) section of Nihon shoki, Kanekata compiled material from the Heian period Nihongi shiki and other sources. The contents are divided into seven sections: opening remarks, notes on readings, mistakes and omissions, dynastic genealogy, annotation of entries, secret readings, and waka. Following the Shiki lectures, this is the major commentary on Nihon shoki. This record also includes many quotations from various titles that are no longer extant and, in that light, also, it is very important. It is contained in volume eight of Shintei zōho kokushi taikei, and Shintō taikei.
— Itō Satoshi

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