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Text (Watarai Yukitada)
This is a collection of notes recording ancient practices to which the officials at the Outer Shrine of the Grand Shrines of Ise (Ise Jingū) were suppose to adhere. It was compiled around 1299 in one volume by Watarai Yukitada , a suppliant priest (negi) at the Outer Shrine. It is also known by the title Korōkujitsushō among other names. Concerning festivals and daily services held at the shrine, he classified these into different sections based on customary practices and taboos, and he also notes important sacred and doctrinal texts. Among these items a high proportion of the work deals with daily taboos related to defilement. The title is korō kujitsu ("the sayings of an elderly man") but most of the practices are centered on precedents by Yukitada's grandfather and other priests of the Kamakura period. This is contained in Gunsho ruiju: Jingibu.
— Kadoya Atsushi

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