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Text (Yoshimi Yoshikazu)
Discourse on the Five Texts. Twelve fascicles. Written by Yoshimi Yoshikazu . This work argues from a perspective of evidential scholarship that Shintō gobusho(Five Texts of Shinto), which serve as fundamental scriptures for Ise Shintō, are in fact forgeries. The manuscript was first completed in the ninth lunar month of 1736 but, subsequently, additions continued to be made to it. Specifically the work argues that Gobusho are not a product of the Nara period (710-84) as noted in the colophon, but that the Watarai clan of the Outer Shrine forged them in the Kamakura period (1192-1333) in order to support their superiority over the Inner Shrine (see Ise Jingū). Subsequently the Watarai responded with a series of rebuttals to this work, such as Kaikoku shinto (On the Sacred Capital of the Opened Country). Included in Shintō sōsho, vol. 1 (Jingū-kyō In/Mizuho Kai joint publication, 1896), Daijinkan sōsho: Watarai Shintō taisei, vol. 2 (Jingū Shichō, 1955).
— Yazaki Hiroyuki

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