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Text (Hirata Atsutane)
Texts Generated from Ancient Histories. By Hirata Atsutane . Three fascicles, published from an original plan of fifteen fascicles. Manuscript completed in 1811; published 1818. The original project called for fifteen fascicles to extend up to the reign of Female Emperor Suiko, but the published edition covers only the "Age of the Kami" in three fascicles. The unpublished manuscript itself extends only to Imperial Consort Jingū (Jingū kōgō) in seven fascicles. Taking this information into consideration, this work should be considered unfinished. The manuscript was completed when Atsutane was in his mid-thirties, and is listed among his representative works. Comparing the content of classics such as the Kojiki and the Nihon shoki, the Kogo shūi (Gleanings from Ancient Records), and the Fudoki, Atsutane selected those passages that he considered to be correct, rewrote them, and generated what might be called "Atsutane's edition" of the ancient records. Of Atsutane's related texts, Koshichō (Sources from Ancient Histories) makes up the methodological foundation for this work, while Koshi-den is a commentary on it. The three works should be considered together as comprising a set. Included in Hirata Atsutane zenshū, vol. 1 (Naigai Shoseki, 1932), Shinshū Hirata Atsutane zenshū, vol. 1 (Meicho Shuppan, 1977), and Shintō taikei: Ronsetsu-hen 26: Fukko Shintō 4.
— Inoue Nobutaka

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