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カテゴリー1: 9. Texts and Sources
カテゴリー2: Other Basic Texts
Beginning at the Beginning Collection. A Shintō text that employs such sources as Ruijū jingi hongen (Classified Kami Fundamentals) and Koren shū (The Sacred Vessel Collection) to expound on the Ise Shintō notion of "Begin at the beginning and make the base the basis." Written by Kitabatake Chikafusa. Eight fascicles. Written between the ninth lunar month of 1337 and the ninth lunar month of 1338. Divided into fourteen sections, in which Chikafusa provides excerpts from classical and Shintō texts along with his own opinions. The headings are as follows: Tenchi kaibyaku (The Opening of Heaven and Earth), Honchō zōka (The Creation of the Realm), Jinnō shōun (The Continuance of the Divine Sovereigns), Tenshin kagen (The Transformation and Appearance of the Heavenly Kami), Chijin (or Jijin) shusshō (The Birth of Earthly Kami, Shinki denju (The Transmission of the Divine Regalia), Himorogi konryū (The Construction of the Sacred Space), Shinkoku yōdō (The Vital Way of the Divine Land), Naikū chinza (The Kami Enshrined in the Inner Shrine), Gekū chinza (The Kami Enshrined in the Outer Shrine), Ame no mihakari no hashira (The Heavenly Pillar of Measurement), Gogyōmon zu (Texts and Illustrations of the August Forms), and Shinsen kinaki (Strict Admonitions by Divine Oracles). This work laid the foundation for Chikafusa's Jinnō shōtō ki (Chronicles of Gods and Sovereigns). Included in Hirata Toshiharu, Gengen shū no kenkyū (Yamaichi Shobō, 1944), and Shintō taikei: Ronsetsu-hen, Kitabatake Chikafusa, vol. 1.
— Shirayama Yoshitarō

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