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Ōbarainokotoba goshaku
Text (Motoori Norinaga)
Later Commentary of the Ōharae [Great Purification] Incantations. Written by Motoori Norinaga. Two fascicles in two volumes. Revised manuscript completed in the fifteenth of the seventh lunar month, 1795; published 1796. This work is a "later commentary" (goshaku) on the entry for the Ōharae no kotoba (Great Purification Incantations) found in Kamo no Mabuchi's Norito (Study of the Norito Incantations), 1768. The work first provides Mabuchi's commentary as, "It says in the ," followed by Norinaga's additions and comments. At the end of the work is included an appendix (Tsukesoebumi) that points out the errors in Norito for norito other than those included in Ōharae no kotoba. Aside from this work, Norinaga's scholarship on norito can be found in his Izumo no kuni no miyatsuko kamu yogoto goshaku (completed in 1792; published 1796). Included in Ōharae no kotoba chūshaku taisei, vol. 2 (Naigai Shuppan, 1938; reissued by Meicho Shuppan, 1981); Motoori Norinaga zenshū, vol. 7 (Chikuma Shobō, 1971), and Shintō taikei: koten chūshaku-hen, vol. 8.
— Motozawa Masafumi

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