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Engishiki norito kōgi
Text (Suzuki Shigetane)
Lectures on the Norito in Engishiki. Written by Suzuki Shigetane. Fifteen fascicles. Also referred to simply as Norito kōgi (Lectures on the Norito). A commentary on the twenty-seven norito found in Book Eight of the Engishiki (Procedures of the Engi). This work was begun in the tenth lunar month of 1848, and completed in the spring of 1852. Together with Nihon shoki-den (Exegesis on Nihon shoki), this is one of Shigetane's major works. Shigetane believed that norito were "institutional documents for the grand government of the land," which contain both official state edicts and laws directed at the populace. Citing and expanding upon a broad range of related texts and the writings of earlier scholars, this is a particularly detailed commentary, and amounts to a comprehensive collection of early modern scholarship on norito. After the completion of this work, Shigetane wrote the first commentary on the Yogoto prayers of the Nakatomi clan (Nakatomi no yogoto), called Nakatomi no yogoto kōgi (Lectures on the Nakatomi Yogoto). This work is included in Nihon bungaku kochūshaku taisei series (Kokusho Kankō Kai), and in Suzuki Shigetane zenshū, vols. 10-12 (1939).
— Motosawa Masafumi

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