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Text (Mutobe Yoshika)
Notes on Old Legends of the Ubusuna Shrines. Primary work by the late early modern (bakumatsu) Hirata School kokugaku (National Learning) scholar, Mutobe Yoshika. Includes a colophon dated the eighth lunar month of 1857. Ubusuna shrines in each region are believed to have power over local production activity, the protection of living habitants, and the management of spirits after death. It is thus held that reverential worship (sonsū or sonsō) of Usubuna shrines will bring about a peaceful and prosperous local society, and, by extension, order to the state. This work establishes a theology centered on the Ubusuna shrines and provides the clearest and most concise summary of the framework of Yoshika's ideas, as he developed the Ubusuna shrine worship movement for which he is known. Included in Kokugaku undō no shisō (Nihon shisō taikei series, Iwanami Shoten, 1971).
— Takeda Hideaki

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