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The Parting Ways of Power. Commentary on the "Divine Age" and "Jinmu" chapters of Nihon shoki. Written by the late Edo period National Learning (kokugaku) scholar Tachibana Moribe. Twelve fascicles. Fascicles one and two are devoted to general theoretical issues, three through eleven cover the "Age of the Kami" chapters, and twelve consists of the chapter on Emperor Jinmu. Moribe is supposed to have begun this commentary before his fiftieth year, sometime in the Bunsei era (1818-30), and completed his expanded manuscript in 1844, in his sixty-fourth year. Distinguishing among the various ancient accounts, the work presents an inquiry into the "Way of the August Deities" ("sumera kami no michi"), providing numerous original explanations, while at the same time rejecting Motoori Norinaga's interpretations as "heresy" ("jasetsu"). In 1845, Moribe presented this work to the Court. Included in Shintei zōho Tachibana Moribe zenshū, vol. 1 (Tōkyō Bijutsu, 1967).
— Shibata Shin'ichi

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