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Text (Watarai Yukitada)
Secret Text on the Names of the Kami at the Two Grand Shrines of Ise. One fascicle. Written by the Negi (Suppliant Priest) of the Outer Shrine, Watarai Yukitada. According to the colophon, it was compiled and presented by the order of the Senior Regent (Kanpaku) Fujiwara no Kanehira in 1285. Other evidence suggests that the work was presented to Emperor Kameyama. The title is also abbreviated to read "Shinmei hisho" ("Secret Text on the Names of the Kami") and "Shinmei hishō" ("Secret Notes on the Names of the Kami"). The work was revised and appended over time, leading to the existence of two lines of transmission, an expanded line (kōhon) and an abridged line (ryakubon). The foreword promotes the identification of the imperial line with the kami, employing such phrases as, "the divine seed of Japan," and "the realm under Heaven borne by the Emperor." The work also discusses the origin of Shinmei (Amaterasu) and of the Grand Shrines of Ise. The work identifies the various kami worshipped at the Ise Shrines and states as its intent an examination into their origins. It is a valuable source for understanding the nature of the Ise Shrines in the Kamakura period, and for understanding the formation of Watarai Shintō. Included in Gunsho ruijū: Jingi-bu; Daijingū sōsho: Watarai Shintō taisei, Part One (Jingū Shichō, 1957); and Jingū kotenseki eiin sōkan Vol. 8: Shintō gobu-sho (Kōgakkan Daigaku, 1984).
— Mure Hitoshi

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