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Text (Ōkuni Takamasa)
On the Heavenly Norito Prayers and the Divination Norito Prayers. Written by Ōkuni Takamasa. 5 fascicles. Transmitted in manuscript form, it was not published until 1900. Since the text contains a reference to "my late friend, Oka Kumaomi," the work must have been completed sometime after Kumaomi's death in 1851. Following the example of Kamo no Mabuchi's Norito (On Norito Prayers) and Motoori Norinaga's Ōbarai no kotoba goshaku (Subsequent Commentary on the Words of the Great Purification), this work divides the Great Purification Norito found in Fascicle 8 of the Engishiki into 10 sections, and provides commentary for each. The work abounds in individual interpretations, such as that for the term, "Amatsu norito futo norito," which is explained as referring to the sacred words of divination, "to, ho, kami, wemi, and tame (ト・ホ・カミ・ヱミ・タメ)." Included in Nomura Denshirō, ed., Ōkuni Takamasa zenshū, vol. 7 (1939); and Matsuura Mitsunobu, ed., (Zōho) Ōkuni Takamasa zenshū, vol. 7 (Kokusho Kankōkai, 2001).
— Matsuura Mitsunobu

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