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A bureaucratic agency established in 1949 as an external agency under the aegis of the Prime Minister's cabinet. The Agency, as stipulated by Article 7 of the Japanese Constitution, is responsible for Imperial Household affairs dealing with foreign ambassadors and imperial ceremonies, and is also custodian of the Privy and State Seal. The Grand Steward Secretariat is head administer of Household Agency affairs and is responsible for supervising all Agency officials. Along with the Grand Steward Secretariat, the Agency is composed of five other internal subdivisions: the Board of the Chamberlains, the Board of the Crown Prince's Household, the Board of Ceremonies, the Archives and Mausolea Department, the Maintenance and Works Department. The Agency also oversees auxiliary organs such as the Office of the Shōsōin Treasure House (Nara Prefecture), the Imperial Stock Farm (Tochigi Prefecture), and the Kyoto Office of the Imperial Household. The Agency, along with other members of the imperial court, also supervises ceremonies within the imperial household. Although the Agency's former incarnation, the Kunaifu, was also placed under the administration of the Prime Minister's cabinet, the current Agency holds a comparative degree of autonomy.
— Ōhara Yasuo

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The building housing the Kunaichō inside the Imperial Palace.
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Structure of Kunaichō (Dec.1993)