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An expression in Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters) from the divine edict (shinchoku) proclaimed by the heavenly kami (amatsukami) to the two kami Izanagi and Izanami to create the islands of Japan: "Form and rule this floating, inchoate country." This expression is variously read as "create, rule and firm up;" "rule, create and firm up;" "create and firm up;" and "rule and firm up." "Floating" refers to the unformed land or islands, and the meaning is thus to create and form them into a single nation. Metaphorically, this term refers to establishing the society and nation state. It does not remain merely a term of myth, but reflects the recognition that human efforts and history lead to the creation of form out of chaos. In this, there thus exists an explanation of the perception of human beings within Shinto as well.
— Fukui Yoshihiko

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