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Text (Kumazawa Banzan)
This eight volume text was written by Kumazawa Banzan (year of completion unknown). Over the course of his lifetime, Banzan wrote many books concerning Shintō, but of these, Miwa monogatari is the key to understanding the fundamentals of his views on Shintō. The text takes the form of a dialogue between shine priestly families (shake), shrine priests themselves (negi), noblemen (kindachi), Buddhist laymen (koji) and elders (rōō), and brings into sharp focus the controversies concerning the relationships between Shintō, Buddhism, and Confucianism. The text concludes with a call for the rejection of Buddhism (haibutsu) in favor of the unity of Shintō and Confucianism (shinjyugōitsu). This text is included in the Shintō sōsetsu (1911, Kokusho Kankōkai), the Banzan zenshū, vol. 5 (1978, Meicho Kankōkai), the Jihitsubon Miwa monogatari, Miyazaki Michio ed., (1990, Shibunkaku), and the Shintō taikei, ronsetsu-hen, Kumazawa Banzan (1992).
— Yazaki Hiroyuki

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