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This one-volume Sannō Shintō work was written in 1577 by Hafuribe Yukimaru (1512-92), shrine priest (negi) of Hie Shrine (Hiesha). Hiesha Shintō Himitsu ki was intended to be a reference guide for the reconstruction of Hie Shrine following its razing at the hands of Oda Nobunaga in 1571. The text records the legends and histories of the kami enshrined at Hiesha (saijin), in addition to highly detailed illustrations and plans of the original layout of the shrine buildings. Because of this, this text is a valuable aid for the understanding of the characteristics of "Shinto-Buddhist syncretism" (shinbutsu shūgō) at Hie Shrine during the medieval period and the teachings of Sannō Shintō of the late medieval period. Judging from the many copies of Hiesha Shintō Himitsu ki which exist under a variety of titles (such as Hiesha himitsu ki, Hiesha himitsu Shintō ki, among others) we know that this text was apparently very widely read. This work is included in Gunsho ruijū, Jingi section, and in Shintō taikei, Jinja-hen hiyoshi, Hie.
— Satō Masato

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