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This one-volume commentary concerns the Nijūnisha ("Twenty-Two Shrines") during the Muromachi period. Together with Nijūnisha narabi honchi, Shoshinki, Shosha kongenki, and Dainihonkoku Ichinomiya ki, this text is the result of research on shrines conducted by scholars in the Yoshida Shintō lineage. It is said that the work was compiled by Yoshida Kanemigi (1516-73), but there are indications that the existing text includes revisions dating from the modern period. The content of the text includes the origins and histories of the Twenty-Two Shrines, as well as a record of the offerings made at each. In addition, the text includes a description of the eleven Kiu shrines, a statement of the hōgakuji, and reports on various ancillary shrines. Nijūnisha chūshiki is included in Gunshoruiju, Jingi-hen. See also nijūnisha.
— Itō Satoshi

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