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Chiyo no sumika
Text (Oka Kumaomi)
A compilation of Oka Kumaomi's theories concerning the soul. Two volumes. The author's preface states that the work was written in 1818, and the editing was finished in 1822. This work develops the theory of the immortality of the soul. After one's death, the source soul (mototsumitama) will go to Tsukuyominokuni, and the benevolent soul (sakimitama) and the soul possessing mystic power (kushimitama) become kami. If one determines to reside there permanently, one will live there forever, thus, developing a notion of an undying soul. The first volume consists of a chapter on the musuhi soul, a chapter of the yaoe rite of the tide, and a chapter on yomijinosiori. The second volume consists of a question and answer format appendix and Chiyonosumika's introduction and postscript. Based on Nihon shoki and Kojiki, it preaches the necessity of having peace of mind toward the issues of life and death. It offers an explanation of everything from the process by which Ametsuchi, Nenokuni, and Yominokuni (Yomotsukuni) were established to the birth of human beings and the place in which souls settle after death. It was included in the first volume of Oka Kumaomi shū (The Collected Writings of Oka Kumaomi) edited by Katō Takahisa (1985, Kokusho Kankōkai).
— Matsunaga Naomichi

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