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Text (Yamaga Sokō)
A work in two volumes by Yamaga Sokō. This work expounds on the truth of the imperial lineage and explains the origins of its proper dignity. This work was written during the time Sokō was under house arrest at the residence of the Asano family of Akaho after being convicted of ideological transgressions. It was written in 1669 when Sokō was forty-nine years old. The work is composed of thirteen chapters—the primacy of heaven and the subsequent establishment of earth, Japan as the middle country (nakatsukuni), the imperial lineage, the imperial regalia, divine teachings, divine governance, divine knowledge, sagely teachings, proper behavior, awards and punishments, military virtue, rituals, and influential achievements—with an appendix. In this work Sokō asserts his self-realization about being Japanese by quoting from various classics such as Nihon shoki as well as the works of Kitabatake Chikafusa and Hayashi Razan to support his assumption that Japan is the center of the world, and he argues that it is Japan that deserves the title of "middle country" (nakatsukuni) or "middle court" (chūchō) and not China. This is contained in volume six of Yamaga Sokō shū (Kokumin Seishin Bunka Kenkyūjo, 1936-42).
— Yazaki Hiroyuki

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