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Text (Motoori Norinaga)
A collection of essays by Motoori Norinaga in fourteen volumes with a table of contents, fifteen sections total. This essays were started in 1792 and were published in five stages, with three volumes each starting from 1795 until several years after Norinaga's death in 1812. This work is a considered a representative example of a work produced in an archaic style from for the early modern period. The work's title comes from the name of a bamboo basket (katsuma) where the author collected, after having written them down, the thoughts that struck him from time to time. However, it seems apparent that from the very beginning the author originally had intended to publish these thoughts and the essays of this work provide a window into Norinaga's interests as he was nearing the completion of Kojikiden. The contents of these essays vary substantially and deal with quotes from ancient records, providing evidence for various things, vulgar words and dialects, gazetteers, investigations into shrines, a profile of the author, criticism against Chinese ideas, and glimpses into Norinaga's scholarship. It is contained in Volume One of Motoori Norinaga zenshū (Chikuma Shobō, 1968), and the volume on Moto'ori Norinaga in Nihon shisō taikei (Iwanami Shoten, 1978).
— Mori Mizue

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