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Daijingū hongikiseishō
This is the magnum opus of Mikannagi Kiyonao, which took thirty-eight years to compile, and was only completed in 1864 after having passed through five revisions. This work is an attempt to reconstruct an ancient record of the Grand Shrines of Ise, Daijingū hongi, by removing the embellishments and additions from Yamato hime no mikoto seiki which had been criticized by Yoshimi Yoshikazu and others as a fraudulent work. Mikannagi Kiyonao fixed omissions and mistakes in the text and removed later embellishments leaving only those parts of the text that could which could be verified as authentic and then he conducted a detailed analysis and research on the origin and vocabulary of the remaining part. Additionally, there is also one volume work called Daijingū hongi kisei which contains the readings for characters in the main text. This is contained in the first volume of Jingū jinji kōshō of Daijingū sōsho (Jingū shichō, 1935).
— Ban Isoshirō

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