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カテゴリー1: 9. Texts and Sources
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This work is a record written in chronological order, recording various important events at the Ise Shrine, starting with the enshrinement of the imperial deity in the twenty-fifth year of Emperor Suinin and continuing down to 1069. The work consists of two volumes and was compiled around the latter end of the eleventh century. Volume one contains information up until 1035 and based largely on a record passed down by the descendents of Arakida Norio with subsequent additions made by the generations in the line of Arakida Okitada. The second volume was written by Arakida Nobumoto, starting with records from 1037 and continuing on to 1069. Along with Enryaku gishikichō and Jingū zōreishū, this research is one of the fundamental texts used in the study of Shinto shrines. It is contained in Gunsho ruijū and Shintō taikei.
— Shirayama Yoshitarō

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