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Text (Tsūkai)
This work is also known as Tsūkai sankeiki and it consists of two parts and contains records concerning the visits Buddhist monks made to pay homage at the Ise Shrines during the Kamakura period. It was completed around 1286 by the priest Tsūkai (1234-1305) of the Daigoji Temple. Tsūkai was the son of Ōnakatomi Takamichi, the chief official at Ise (saishu). The record takes the form of a series of questions and answers between a Buddhist monk and a commoner under the large trees of the Inner Shrine (Naikū) while the ceremony for raising the framework for the Outer Shrine (Gekū) is being conducted. Part one contains stories explaining the origin of the various shrine buildings within the shrine's precincts, and part two expounds on the amalgamation of Buddhism and Shinto (shinbutsu shūgō) by associating the shrines with the Womb and Diamond World mandalas. There is also a large of number of records regarding Buddhist rites which were performed at the Ise Shrines and, in particular, a good number of these are concerned with the Hōrakusha hall which Tsūkai is said to have had some hand in establishing. This work is contained in the Jingi section of Zoku gunsho ruijū.
— Kadoya Atsushi

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