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Text (Kada no Arimaro)
This work was written by Kada no Arimaro and was published in 1739 in two volumes and two sections. When Emperor Sakuramachi ascended the throne in 1738, the ceremonial offering of first fruits (daijōsai) was revived and, in response to its revival, the shogunal government dispatched Arimaro to collect information regarding the ceremony. The following year, responding to the entreaties of his students, he published this research. However, after the work was published, there were courtiers who became aware of the work and issued complaint with Arimaro partons the Tayasu family which resulted in the confiscation of printing blocks used to publish this work and in Arimaro losing the support of the Tayasu. The action taken against Arimaro was in response to the belief that the details of such ceremonies should not be made public. A proclamation issued to recall as many of the copies of this work as possible was also released and, because of this recall, a number of the extant copies of this work are not printed but handwritten copies. The text itself is mainly a treatment in the form of an explanation of a number of ceremonies with an annotation giving the order in which these were performed and does not include actually include any material that might be considered secret. Comparing this work with other documents of the time one does not find any material that is especially problematic. Thus it appears as though Arimaro did nothing wrong and that the shogunal government punished Arimaro simply out of deference to the imperial court. The text is contained in volume seven of Kada zenshū (Kanbetaisha Inari Jinja, 1931).
— Furusō Masami

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