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Text (Hirata Atsutane)
This is a work written by Hirata Atsutane in four volumes. It is also called Fugaku danbei. It is a record of lectures that concluded in 1811, and belongs to the group of works known as the "Taii mono" (things dealing with the great meaning), including Kodō taii, Kangaku taii (saiseki gairon) [an overview of western scholarship], Butsudō taii (shutsujō shōgo), Idō taii (Shizu no iwaya), Kadō taii and others. The work was published in 1860. He argued in easy terms that true Shinto was the ancient way. He labeled the various factions of Buddhism and Shinto, as well as Confucian-based Shinto sects including Yuiitsu Shintō, Suika Shintō and others as vulgar (zoku) Shinto and criticized these as heretical teachings. This is contained in volume eight of Shinshū Hirata Atsutane zenshū (Meicho Shuppan, 1976).
— Matsuura Mitsunobu

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