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A work from the Kamakura period on Ryōbu Shintō; one volume. The official title is Ise daijingū mizukashiwa chinju sengūin himon. It was believed to have been compiled by Ennin, but in reality the work originated at the Jingūji of the Sengū Shrine, Sengūin, in the Watarai District of Mie Prefecture in the middle years of the Kamakura period. There is an old handwritten manuscript dated 1436 kept by the Katō family, who were chief priests (gūji) at this shrine. Sengūin is a temple connected with Ōmine Shugen, which is the source from which Ryōbu Shintō sprang, and it can be said that this is an early work written in the area where Ryōbu Shintō originated. It is contained in the Shintō taikei.
— Itō Satoshi

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