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A record in one volume of the Sumiyoshi Shrine in Settsu compiled by Tsumori Sukune Shimamaro and Tsumori Sukune Marōdo, and sent to the Jingikan (Bureau of Divinities) in the capital in 731. It bears the seal of the Sumiyoshi District Recorder and of the Settsu Provincial Recorder (shiki), both dated 789. The relation of this record with Kojiki and Nihon shoki and Fudoki is of interest, and the record gives a detailed account of the enshrinement and origin of the shrine, along with the shrine property (shinryō), divine treasures (jinpō), and there are a number of legends that are unique to this shrine. Some scholars have pointed out problems with the dating of this work, and some have postulated that the work is actually a later production, but most believe the material dates from 731, and a reproduction was finished in 789. The manuscript in possession of the Sumiyoshi Shrine is designated an important cultural treasure. The work is contained in Sumiyoshi taisha jindaiki no kenkyū, volume seven of Tanaka Takashi's works (Kokusho Kankōkai, 1985).
See alsoSumiyoshi shinkō.
— Ban Isoshirō

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