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Text (Watarai Yukitada)
This is a work, in one volume, dealing with the secret ceremonies surrounding the "august pillar of the heart" placed on the floor of the Main Chamber of both the Inner Shrine (Naikū) and Outer Shrine (Gekū) at Ise. Because the title of this work appears in Korōkujitsuden, it is believed that Watarai Yukitada, a negi (Suppliant Priest) at the Grand Shrines of Ise, compiled the work for the shrine priests (shinkan) sometime before 1299. This work records things like the dimensions of the pillar, the solemn method of decorating the pillar with the paper of five colors and the eight layers of sakaki leaves, and conditions of replacing an old pillar with a new one, and even such events as exactly how an old pillar should be disposed of. In this work, one can see the influence of the theories of Ryōbu Shintō, the theory of the Five Phases (Jp. gogyō; Ch. wuxing), and Yin and Yang practices. This record is an important source of data regarding the status of festivals regarding the "august pillar of the heart."
— Kadoya Atsushi

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