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Shintō shūsei
Text (Tokugawa Mitsukuni)
This is a compilation of Shinto works that Tokugawa Mitsukuni, the feudal lord of the Mito Clan, ordered Imai Ariyori and others to compile. After Ariyori died in 1683, his students Maruyama Yoshizumi, Tsuda Nobusada and others continued the work, and it was completed in twelve volumes in 1701. Mitsukuni passed away the previous year, but Yoshizumi continued the work of appending material and revising it, and the work was brought to fruition in 1730, completed in seventeen volumes. The principle guiding the compilation of this text consisted of refuting the syncretism of Buddhism and Shinto and calling for a return to the Shinto, the one truth path and source. This work is worthy of note because it is a compilation of the essence of Mito Clan Shintō research. It is contained in Shintō taikei (1981).
— Yazaki Hiroyuki

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