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Jindai no maki kuketsu
Text (Inbe no masamichi)
This is a representative medieval commentary on Nihon shoki in five volumes. Nothing is known of the author, Inbe Masamichi, but the work was finished in 1367. The commentary only focuses on the first two books of Nihon shoki, "the age of the kami," and the work is worthy of note because of its broad use of Confucian and Song Dynasty Chinese thinking. The work was first printed in 1664 in Nihon shoki jindai gōge. After this period this work had an enormous influence on Edo period Shinto studies. It is included in volume five of Nihon seishin bunka taikei (Kinseidō, 1935) and in Shintō taikei (koten chūshaku hen nihon shoki chūshaku).
— Yazaki Hiroyuki

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