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カテゴリー1: 3. Institutions and Administrative Practices
カテゴリー2: Modern and Contemporary
Bureau of Shrines. A bureau set up within the Home Ministry in 1900, it endured until 1940. It was created as part of the institutional reforms of April 26, 1900, when the Home ministry's Bureau for Shrines and Temples (Shajikyoku) fragmented into a Bureau of Shrines (Jinja Kyoku) and a Bureau of Religion (Shūkyōkyoku). Soon it emerged as the most important of the five bureaus within the Ministry. It was charged with responsibility for all matters to do with shrines, namely the Ise shrines, imperial and national shrines (kankokuheisha) and assorted shrines, as well as matters dealing with shrine priests (shinkan, shinshoku). The bureau was abolished in November 1940 following the creation of the Jingiin (Institute of Divinities), which was a response to a petition from the Shrine System Investigation Committee (Jinja Seido Chōsakai).
See Shaji Kyoku, Jingiin

— Inoue Nobutaka

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