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Kyoto Kokugakuin
A normal training institute for Shinto priests (see also Shrine Priest Training Institutes) authorized by the Jinja honchō (Association of Shintō Shrines) and operated by the Kyōto koten kōkyūsho Kyōto Kokugakuin, a registered educational charity. This is the oldest of the normal training institutes for priests, and traces it origins back to 1907. In 1924, it acquired its present name. Today, it offers a two-year training course for up to fifty students per year educated to at least senior high school level. In the mornings, students receive practical training at the Iwashimizu Hachiman shrine which serves as dormitory; in the afternoons, the focus is on academic instruction at the college in the Kamikyō Ward in Kyoto. Location: Maruta chō, agaru Shin Karasumaru dōri, Kamikyō Ward.
— Sakamoto Koremaru

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