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Atsuta Shrine College
A training college for Shintō priests run by Atsuta Shrine (Atsuta Jingū), under authorization from the Association of Shintō Shrines (Jinja honchō). The college, when founded in 1950, was originally known as Atsuta jingū futsū shinshoku yōsei sho (Atsuta Shrine Regular Training Institute for Shrine Priests), and it offered a one year course. In 1962, it inaugurated a new two-year program. Presently it recruits fifteen students per year who are at least high school graduates. A specialty of the college is that junior college graduates can receive qualification as librarians and high school graduates can obtain qualification as assistant librarians. Location: Jingū 1-1-1, Atsuta Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.
— Inoue Nobutaka

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