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Commonly written with the characters 現御神, but other ways of writing this term are the following: 現神, 現為明神, 明神, 明神, and 明御神. All of them are read as akitsumikami. The term is applied to deities who come from the spiritual world and clearly appear in this world. Examples of how this term is used are found mostly in the senmyō (imperial edicts written in Japanese, as opposed to Chinese, format), where the term is used as a title of honor for the emperor as ruler of the present world. But when the term is written as 明神, akitsumikami is a deity that shows its shape or form and is thus miraculous; a few examples of this usage can be found in the Sumiyoshi taisha jindaiki and in some other texts. The synonym of this term is arahitogami. See arahitogami.
— Fukui Yoshihiko

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