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Kōshin, shōshin
Rites carried out with the purpose of invoking a kami to attend a festival conducted on an occasional basis outside a shrine's precincts and then of sending the kami away. Such rituals were necessary before the emergence of permanent shrine buildings, when trees and stones were regarded as "seats" of the kami. Nowadays, these practices are mainly used as part of ground purification rites (jichinsai) or roof-raising rites (jōtōsai). Procedures may vary slightly, but usually a table (an) is set up with a himorogi as the object temporarily housing the deity (yorishiro). The part at the beginning of the ritual in which a priest (shinshoku) reads a norito, and pronounces a keihitsu call to invoke the descent of the kami represents the kōshin. Shōshin is performed at the conclusion of the rite, when keihitsu is again performed, and the kami is sent away.
— Inoue Nobutaka

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