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Okachōtare shinji
"Mosquito net-hanging rite." A festival held May 7–8 at Tamura Shrine in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. After a rite in which the kami's spirit is transferred to a portable shrine (shin'yo), mosquito netting is hung over the place within the shrine where symbols of the kami are enshrined (kamikura, see shinza). The portable shrine procession includes a parade of young boys (chigo) carrying hoods and packhorses that have been loaded with straw bales of rice with five layers of bedding placed on top. Parishoners (ujiko) are permitted to hang their own mosquito netting starting this day.
A mosquito net-hanging festival (kachōtsuri matsuri) is held May 1 at Aburabi Shrine in Kōga Township, Kōga District, Shiga Prefecture. Mosquito netting is hung at the temporary resting site (otabisho) on the portable shrine procession route. Those who touch the netting, it is said, will not be overcome by the summer heat and will be protected from misfortune. The portable shrine procession is accompanied by paraders dressed as daimyō and dancers wearing flower-adorned hats. Parenthetically, as this shrine is dedicated to the kami of oil, it attracts the devotion of people in the oil and textile business.
— Mogi Sakae

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