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Momitawara tsuri
"Hanging straw sacks of unhusked rice." A rite held on the eve of the Festival of Prayer for Agricultural Fertility (kinensai) in February at Kuroshima Shrine in Ikenojiri Town, Kan'onji City, Kagawa Prefecture. A scaffold is built on the shrine grounds (keidai) using unstripped tree trunks, and bamboos demarcating taboo boundaries (imidake) are then erected at the four corners of the top of the scaffolding. Food and wine offerings for the kami (shinsen) are served and a ceremony is held. The festival caretaker (tōya) hangs five straw sacks from each imidake, making 20 rice sacks (momitawara) in all. The year-end festival is held, after which the unhusked rice seeds are distributed. A Sanuki kagura is performed throughout the night under the scaffolding. An archery rite called momote (see momote shinji) takes place the following day.
— Mogi Sakae

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