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Mushi-sagashi shinji
"Insect searching rite." A rite held August 7 at Miho Shrine in Mihonoseki Town, Yatsuka District, Shimane Prefecture. Shrine maidens (miko) put on old masks, take up sprigs of willow in their right hands and bells in their left, and pay their respects to the four directions dancing to ranbyōshi (a type of dance) music. Two of the old masks known as "Shojō" and "Heita" are said to have been were recovered from Lake Biwa by a fisherman at Katataura (a one-time water route checkpoint just offshore of modern day Katata), Shiga Prefecture, during the Tenshō era (1573-1591). They reputedly were given to Miho Shrine in 1580 in accordance with a revelation delivered in a dream. The two are brought out every other year. The rite is also known as O-mushi-boshi.
— Mogi Sakae

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