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カテゴリー1: 5. Rites and Festivals
カテゴリー2: Individual Shrine Observances
Mitoshiro tanemaki shinji
"Scattering the offering rice rite." A rite held July 1 at Ikushima Tarushima Shrine in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture. A temporary hall called the okatashiro is built on a footpath through the fields where the crop to be used for shrine offerings (mitoshirota) is grown; following a ceremony, the shrine's chief priest (gūji) scatters into the field the unhusked rice seeds that will be offered to the kami. One ceremony, known as the Gion Tennō-oroshi Festival, honors the divine spirit of Susanoo-no-mikoto. On July 31, a rite is held to transplant mature offering rice seedlings to the fields.
— Mogi Sakae

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