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Mitoshiro-e shinji
"The mitoshiro conclave rite." A rite held July 1 at Kamowakeikazuchi Shrine in Kita Ward, Kyoto City. The term mitoshiro refers to the rice fields attached to a shrine (shinden) used to grow the crops given as offerings to the kami. The festival is to have originated in 750 when the Imperial court donated one chō of mitoshiro land each to both Kamo shrines. The ceremonies take place in the morning, and five Nō plays are performed in the afternoon, including okina (old man) and kami'uta (kami song) pieces. In the past, dengaku, kagura, and sarugaku music and dance were also held. The festival is meant as a prayer to protect the rice crop from pestilence.
There is also a mitoshiro rite held on August 2 at Kibitsuhiko Shrine in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture. Participants move in a procession from the shrine proper to the pond attached the shrine (called the shinchi, or "kami pond"), performing music and dances as they go. Rice seedlings are poured into the pond, and food offerings (shinsen) and long-nose masks are presented. Following a small festive ceremony, leaving the food offerings as they are the procession returns to the shrine again performing music and dances as they go. The rite is said to be an enactment of the beginning of the rice-planting season.
— Mogi Sakae

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