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Nemurinagashi no shinji
A rite held on August 6 at Aso Shrine in Ichinomiya Town, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture. After a ceremony at Tazuwara Shrine, one of Aso's auxiliary shrines (sessha), a group of youths led by a lantern attached to a long staff (takaharijōchin) sing rice-planting songs as they come up to the front of the main shrine's two-storied gate (rōmon). From there, they proceed to the home of the chief priest (gūji), where a small ceremony is performed for them and they again sing the rice-planting songs. Afterwards, they return to the main shrine and sing the songs as a votive offering before the hall of worship (haiden). These rice-planting songs are also sung during the shrine's tōka matsuri ("stepping and singing festival"), rice-planting rite (otaue shinji), and on other occasions. In some cases this ritual is known as the nemuri-nagashi matsuri and written with different characters that mean "chase away drowsiness festival;" it is interpreted to be the ritualization of folk customs meant to drive away drowsiness in summertime. After this day, the rice-planting songs are not sung for the rest of the year.
— Mogi Sakae

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