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Nasubi shinji
"Eggplant rite." A rite held September 27–28 at Suga Shrine in Daitō Town, Ōhara District, Shimane Prefecture. Eggplants (nasubi) are cut into two pieces; the blossom-end sections are cut with four notches and presented before the shrine's altar. Eggplants cut in this manner are said to resemble the heads of deer. The priests (kannushi) of the Nakazawa family claim descent from the Suwa deity, and their ancestor is said to have brought in a divided portion of the deity (see kanjō) of Suwa Shrine to install at Suga Shrine. In the past, the heads of real deer were presented as offerings in a manner akin to the ontō sai ("honored head festival") at the main Suwa shrine (honsha). This eggplant ceremony derives its essence from that rite.
— Mogi Sakae

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