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カテゴリー1: 5. Rites and Festivals
カテゴリー2: Individual Shrine Observances
Gomottomosama is the vernacular name for the February setsubun festival held at Mitsumine Shrine in Ōtaki Village, Chichibu District, Saitama Prefecture. A bean-scattering ceremony takes place in the haiden on the day before the calendrical beginning of spring (setsubun no hi). Toshiotoko (men born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the current year, or men who are in an unlucky year yakudoshi), carry a measuring cup (masu) filled with "lucky beans" (fukumame) in one hand and a wooden pole or pestle eighty centimeters in length in the other. At shouts of "akuma taisan, banpuku shōrai (Evil spirits be gone! Great fortune begin!)", the men respond in chorus "Gomottomosama," and scatter the beans with their pestles. The celebration also features a setsubun purification ceremony (tsuinashiki) and performances of mikomai and yamatomai dances.
— Mogi Sakae

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