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Text [Hosusori no mikoto] (Nihongi)
According to the main text of Nihongi, one of three kami born to Ninigi and Ōyamatsumi's daughter Kamuatatsuhime (Konohana Sakuyahime). Sakuyahime set fire to her parturition hut and there gave birth to three kami, of whom Hosusori was the first, born from the first rising smoke. According to an "alternate writing" relating the episode, however, the first child born was named Honosuseri, while another "alternate writing" states that the second child born—when the flames rose strongly—was named Honosusumi or Honosuseri.

The same episode is found in Kojiki, but there, the corresponding kami's name is Hosuseri. While Nihongi states that Hosusori is the ancestral kami of the Hayato (an ancient people believed to have lived in southern Kyushu), Kojiki states that the second brother born, Hoderi no mikoto (Umisachi) was ancestor of the Hayato of Ata. Finally, Shinsen shōjiroku states that Hosusori was the ancestor of the Ata no Mite Inukai clan and the Ōsumi Hayato (both Ata and Ōsumi were place names in ancient Kyushu). In sum, a strong historical tradition places Hosusori as ancestor of the Hayato, but other attributions also exist. (See also Hosuseri).

-Nishioka Kazuhiko

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