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カテゴリー1: 2. Kami (Deities)
カテゴリー2: Kami in Classic Texts
Amenofuyukinu, Amenofukine
Text [Ame no fukine no kami] (Kojiki)
Fifth generation descendants (or descendant; the two are frequently considered identical) of Susanoo. Kojiki relates that the Amenofuyukinu married Sashikuniwakahime and sired Ōkuninushi. According to Nihongi, he was ordered by Susanoo to deliver the sword Kusanagi no tsurugi to the Plain of High Heaven. Legends at the shrine Hinomisaki Jinja claim Amenofuyukinu as the shrine's founder, and the hereditary priestly family of Ono claim to be the kami's descendants. The shrine's annual "sword offering ritual" (Shinken hōten shinji) is said to have its origins in the myth of the offering of the Kusanagi sword.

-Mori Mizue

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