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Tanaka Yoshitō
Text (1872-1946)
A Shinto scholar, D.Lit. Born on the twelfth day of the ninth month of 1872, in Yonekawa Village of Kuka District, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Immediately after graduation from the Department of Philosophy at Tokyo Imperial University in 1903, Tanaka became a Lecturer at Kokugakuin Academy (later Kokugakuin University). After teaching at the Fifth National High School and other educational institutions, he was appointed Associate Professor at Tokyo Imperial University in 1922 with responsibility for lecturing on Shinto.
The following year, Tanaka became Professor at Kokugakuin University and taught Shinto and national moral education. He was known for research in Shinto philosophy and sectarian Shinto (kyōha Shintō). In 1926, he founded the Shinto Studies Association (Shintō Gakkai) and started the publication of the Journal of Shinto Studies (Shintōgaku zasshi). In 1931, he founded the Shinto Youth League Association (Shintō Seinen Renmei Kyōkai) and commenced the publication of the organization's in-house journal Shintō seinen. He died on March 4, 1946, at the age of seventy-five.
Tanaka's numerous writings include Shintō tetsugaku seigi, Nihon Shisōshi gaisetsu, Shintō tai'i, and Hirata Atsutane no tetsugaku. He also wrote books on the thirteen sects of prewar Shinto, such as Shintō Honkyoku no kenkyū (A Study of the Shintō Honkyoku), and others.

—Inoue Nobutaka

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