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Nishida Naokai
Text (1793-1865)
A scholar of National Learning (kokugaku) of the late Edo period. Born as the fourth child of Takahashi Motoyoshi, a retainer of Kokura Domain (in present-day Fukuoka Prefecture), he was adopted by Nishida Naoaki. His childhood name was Shōzaburō, and his epistolary name was Kōnen. At the age of thirty-six, he became the Magistrate of Accounts, and subsequently took on work for the Town Magistrate and Magistrate of Temples and Shrines.
Nishida studied the Chinese classics at first, then gradually turned to National Learning; his early interest was in waka poetry, but a subsequent encounter with Hirata Atsutane in Edo influenced him to take up research on ancient traditions, which became his chief interest. It is believed that he communicated with Ōkuni Takamasa, Suzuki Shigetane, Ban Nobutomo, and others. After taking up National Learning, he wrote numerous works, but few are integrated monographs since his interests were so diverse. He taught several disciples; and his influence was especially strong on Sano Tsunehiko, the religious founder of Shinrikyō. The date of his death is usually said to be 1865, but several variant dates also exist. His writings include Kinseki nenpyō, Kongenkō, and Hongaku iihan.

—Inoue Nobutaka

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