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Matsuno Isao
Text (1852-93)
Scholar of National Learning (kokugaku) and educator in the early Meiji era. Born in Hiroshima Prefecture's Mihara as the second son of Matsuno Hisayuki, a posthumous disciple of Hirata Atsutane. From early childhood Matsuno studied the Japanese and Chinese classics, and after serving in various posts including assistant teacher at a branch school of the Hiroshima domainal academy Shūdōkan, he went to Edo in 1873 and entered the school of Hirata Kanetane. Subsequently, he entered the Great Teaching Institute Taikyōin (see taikyō senpu), served in the editorial division of the Shintō Office (Shintō Jimukyoku) and as principal of its student bureau, then served at the Grand Shrine at Ise (Ise Jingū), becoming student supervisor at the Grand Shrine Teaching Institute (Jingū Kyōin) in 1876, and thereafter devoting himself to the field of education.
He assisted in establishing the Institute for Research in the Japanese Classics (Kōten Kōkyūsho), then in 1887 collaborated with colleagues to launch Kokugakuin zasshi's predecessor journal Nihon bungaku, and further contributed to Kōten Kōkyūsho's development by serving as an executive of the institute. In 1889 Matsuno welcomed Minister of Justice Yamada Akiyoshi as founding Director of the Institute for Research in the Japanese Classics, and the following year, the two cooperated in the founding of Kokugakuin.
At Kokugakuin, Matsuno lectured on Japanese morals, and also worked to see the realization of a series of monthly lectures held at the Institute for Research in the Japanese Classics. Beginning with Kimura Masakoto's address on "Criminal Law" on January 9, 1889, these lectures continued until the 180th lecture in August 1896, and played a considerable role in public edification.
Matsuno died on August 6, 1893, at the age of forty-two. Among his major works are Norito hanrei (Examples of Norito) and Keiko senjimon (An Exercise of the Thousand Character Classic [Ch, Qianziwen]).

-Ōhara Yasuo

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