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Matsuki Tomohiko
Text (1679-1752)
A priest of the Grand Shrines of Ise (Ise Jingū) of the mid-Edo period. His original lineage name was Watarai, and his epistolary name was Tokugetsu. Matsuki was appointed to the rank of Provisional Suppliant Priest (gon-negi) of the Outer Shrine (Gekū) already at the age of two (in 1680), and served as Suppliant Priest (negi) at the shrine for fifty-three years. Enjoying the favor of Supreme Priest (saishu) Fujinami Kagetada, Matsuki dedicated himself to the strict observance of rituals and the study of ancient precedents, and earned promotion to the post of negi in 1747.
During the Regular Removal (shikinen sengū) of 1749, when he served as First Negi, Matsuki succeeded in reviving the construction of the doors in the gate of the uchi-tamagaki (the second fence around the main shrine sanctuary) at the Outer Shrine. He also made a philological study of the genealogical record of his own clan, the Watarai, and revived the Matsuki clan shrine, which had long been lost.
Matsuki studied under Deguchi Nobuyoshi and left a large number of works, including Gekū dennai hōshi hiji ichiyō ki (Record of Essential Secret Matters Related to Service within the Outer Shrine Halls), Genbun sannen daijōe Ise ki (Ise Record of the Daijōe of 1738), and Honsōrei satabumi (Regulations for Funeral Rites). He also participated in the planning of the compilation of a large work on annual events at the Outer Shrine, Toyuke kōtaijingū nenjū gyōji ima-shiki (Contemporary Procedures of Annual Events at the Imperial Great Shrine of Toyuke). He died on the tenth day of the twelfth month of 1752 at the age of 74.

- Nakanishi Masayuki

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