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Godaiin Mahashira
Text (185-79)
Born 1805 in Kagoshima as the son of a scholar of National Learning (kokugaku), he interacted with Kagoshima domain kokugaku scholars Shirao Kunihashira and Hatta Tomonori, and in 1839 became a disciple of Hirata Atsutane in Edo. In 1841, the low-ranking kobankaku samurai Godaiin Ryōji adopted Mahashira into his family register. During the internal strife in Kagoshima known as the "Takasaki Uprising," he was implicated and sentenced to house arrest in 1850. He was later pardoned, and in 1858 became an instructor at the domainal academy Zōshikan, soon advancing to the level of assistant instructor in both national history and national statistics, as well as lecturer to domainal lord Shimazu Nariakira.
In 1868, he was appointed by the fledgling Meiji government as Special Consultant to the Imperial Academy (kōgakusho goyōgakari), Special Consultant to the University (daigaku goyōgakari), Special Consultant to the Ministry of Religious Education (kyōbushō goyōgakari) and as an executive administrator (tairoku) at the Ministry of Religious Education. He died June 13, 1879.
Godaiin was the Author of Nihon shoki kunten kōsei (Revision of Japanese Readings of Chinese Characters in the Nihon shoki), Sangū nikki (Diary of a Pilgrimage to Ise), and Jindai sanryō shi (Poems of the Three Imperial Mausolea of the Divine Age), among other works.

- Takeda Hideaki

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